What We Do

We can't say we do everything, but we get pretty close


Technical Direction

Briefing in the right people for the right job, making sure they have the infomation they need, working through the technical challenges to realise a concept and keeping ahead of all the changes: it's is a lot harder than it sounds. Once you add in the need to come up with creative solutions to creative problems, and stay up-to-date with the latest equipment and technologies, it's quite the job description. Luckily we love it!


Technical Design

We receive a creative brief, conduct site surveys and work with engineeers, workshops, printers, riggers and suppliers to come up with the best solution to the brief. We produce site plans, workshop drawings, CNC files, print specifications and high quality renders to communicate the design intent as accurately as possible.


Project and Production Management

Not just schedules and budgets, but start-to-finish management of any project. Keeping everyone on the same page, on schedule and on budget is rarely a walk in the park, but where's the fun in that?



SIte Management


When the boots hit ground it can take a lot of work to keep everything humming along. It's not just establishing a site and providing all the boring but necessary services like power, toilets and fencelines. We also collaborate on adverse weather and emergency management plans, keep on top of site health and safety and provide services like internet, phones and printing. Plenty to keep us busy!